Postdoctoral Position in Neurovascular Physiology – Longden Lab at University of Maryland Baltimore

The Longden Lab at the University of Maryland Baltimore Department of Physiology ( is seeking a highly motivated, independent and creative postdoctoral researcher to join our team.
The focus of our research is on understanding the physiological contributions of ion channels and GPCRs to the control of blood flow in the brain. We are interested in determining how this control is disrupted in dementia, and we aim to develop novel approaches to correct blood flow deficits in this context to protect the brain and/or rescue neuronal function. Techniques in use in the lab include in vivo microscopy to measure Ca2+ and blood flow in the brains of anesthetized or awake and freely behaving animals, patch clamp electrophysiology on cells of the neurovascular unit, optogenetics, DREADDs, and pressure myography on isolated brain microvessels.
The department of physiology at the University of Maryland Baltimore is internationally recognized for cardiovascular and neurophysiology research and has a long history of making major contributions to these fields. Our lab is located in Howard Hall, a 10 minute walk from Baltimore’s inner harbor area.
The ideal candidate will have a PhD in physiology, pharmacology, neuroscience or a related discipline. Experience of live tissue imaging, electrophysiology and myography are preferred but not essential.
Interested applicants should send their CV and references