2012 International Ion Channel Conference (IICC) “The New World of Anion and Cation Channels”

2012/8/24(金) - 2012/8/26(日)
2012 IICC Secretariat
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On-line Abstract submission open 24 April, 2012
Deadline for Abstract Submission 29 June, 2012
Notification of Abstract Acceptance 6 July, 2012
The Shilla Hotel Jeju, Korea

In recent research history, particularly in the field of biomedical science, channel research has made a tremendous progress and become one of the most significant and active fields. Channels are important membrane proteins that mediate numerous key functions in our body. Channels control neuronal excitation, heart beats and contraction, glandular secretion, cell proliferation, sensory transduction as well as epithelial secretion. Because of the pivotal roles they play in physiology, the dysregulation of channels causes chronic diseases that are often fatal.With the advancement in biotechnology, genes of the majority of ion channels were identified. TRP channels are most vigorously studied for sensory transduction and other functions. Furthermore, molecular mechanisms involved in anion channels are also being widely studied.

Unfortunately, researchers of anion and cation channels did not have an adequate opportunity to speak to each other so far. However, it is about time to talk to each other, share expertise and find a common denominator in terms of research. Thus, the main purpose of this symposium is to provide a platform for channel researchers with anion or cation channel background to socialize and exchange valuable information.

In this symposium, more than forty active researchers and scholars worldwide are invited to introduce their expertise and share their knowledge in channel research. Jeju, located in the southern part of Korea, is a beautiful island full of nature, and Mountain Halla is located in the center of the island surrounded by beautiful fields and beaches. I am sure that you will enjoy the heat of the channel conference which will be blended with summer scenery and the beautiful climate inJeju Island. On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to kindly invite you all to this international conference.


Uhtaek Oh, Ph.D
Chair, the Organizing Committee of 2012 IICC