Physiological Society of Japan

The Physiological Society of Japan was founded in 1922 when the first Meeting was organized with contributions of 37 papers. Since then, the Society’s scientific meeting has been held annually except in 1944 and 1945 when all social activities suffered from tremendous difficulties due to the World War II. The activity of PSJ quickly revived after the end of WWII, and currently the Society has nearly 3,500 members. The aim of the Society is to promote the research in the Physiological Sciences by providing free communicating media to the members and by active commitment in the national and international scientific community. The Society publishes two journals: The Japanese Journal of Physiology, a bimonthly journal in English, and The Journal of The Physiological Society of Japan, a monthly publication in Japanese. In addition to the Annual Meeting, the Society has more frequent regional meetings in 8 blocks.

Call for papers to the Japanese Journal of Physiology!
The Japanese Journal of Physiology is the official journal of The Physiological Society of Japan. Its purpose is to publish papers which present the authors’ own original experimental work and fall within the broad range of physiology. Membership in the Society is not a prerequisite for publication. Short Communications, when accepted, will be processed as quickly as possible to meet the requirement for rapid publication. Papers concerned with methods are accepted as Technical Notes if they involve new principles and are shown to be of value and interest to physiologists.
Letter to the Editor provides a forum for short discussion of papers that have recently appeared in The Japanese Journal of Physiology (The Editorial Board)