Extension of the Deadline for Applications: The Nagasaki University Strategy for Fostering Young Scientists (Assistant Professor)

Nagasaki University in Japan has now extended the deadline for applications for anassistant professor position in the “Strategy for Fostering Young Scientists”. This program aims to provide a suitable research environment for young scientists, allowing
successful applicants to promote their original research using resources from the
“Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology” (originating from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)).

The main purpose of this program is as follows:
(1) to grant outstanding young scientists the opportunity to concentrate on their work
by providing an environment conducive to independent research at Nagasaki University,
with an eye toward promotion to the level of assistant professors,
(2) to foster young scientists by allowing them to carry out original, innovative, and
pioneering research as well as to establish a leading-world research base, and
(3) to make the Young Researcher Fostering System a model for creating other world-class research bases.

An assistant professor recruited by this program shall be expected to participate in
either of the following two research projects designed by the University. During a
project, the assistant professor will be able to work toward his/her independent
research supported by research space, facilities, funding, and a respectable salary. At
the end of the determined research period, the University will evaluate the achievements of the assistant professor. If the performance is deemed excellent, he/she will be
promoted to associate professor. The University will introduce a fixed-term system for
this program (renewable) in the Graduate School of Science and Technology, the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, the Institute of Tropical Medicine, and the Institute for East China Sea Research among other relevant departments. If promoted to associate professor, the term of office varies with the particular system of each department.
Nagasaki University invites applications for the following research projects.
Please read the details of each project carefully as well as the recruitment information
on the official website.

1. Research Projects:
Project Title: Investigation of Genetic and Electrophysiological Basis of Hereditary
Lethal Arrhythmias and Establishment of New Prophylactic Approaches

Research Area: Cardiovascular physiology, Electrophysiology, Cardiovascular medicine
Patch clamp, Lethal arrhythmia, Sudden death, iPS cell technology, Molecular genetics,
Computer simulation

No. of Acceptances: 1

Contact Person for Details:
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Prof. Naomasa Makita
E-mail: makitan@nagasaki-u.ac.jp

2. Qualifications:
Please refer to the official website for each research project.

3. Research Period :
From as early as February 1, 2010 to March 31, 2014
(The starting date will be settled upon consultation.)
A successful applicant will be employed as a full-time assistant professor during the
above period. If the performance is deemed excellent at the end of the determined
research period, he/she will be promoted to associate professor.

4. Salary and Research Fund:
Salary: Approximately JPY 7,000,000 per year
(Standard Nagasaki University employment rules and regulations will be applied.)
Research fund: Approximately JPY 6,000,000 per year for the first two years

5. Research Facilities and Equipments:
Facilities and equipments will be preferentially prepared within the major research

6. Required Documentation:
Please refer to the official website for each research project.

7. Deadline for the Application:
○Investigation of Genetic and Electrophysiological Basis of Hereditary Lethal Arrhythmias and Establishment of New Prophylactic Approaches
Application forms must reach Nagasaki University by Monday, 17:00, November 30, 2009.
Applications missing the deadline will not be accepted.

8. Miscellaneous:
1) Submitted materials will NOT be returned to the applicant as a rule.
2) After passing the documents examination, applicants are expected to come to Nagasaki University around to attend a seminar in which the applicants will give a lecture, and undertake an oral examination on their current research. The University will cover airfare and transportation fees. In the case of overseas applicants, the visiting
schedule may be arranged with the University.

9. Address for Submitting the Application:
Research Planning Division
Research Promotion and International Affairs Department
Nagasaki University
1-14 Bunkyo-machi
Nagasaki 852-8521
* Please make sure to use registered mail such as EMS, DHL, FedEx, etc. and specify
“Tenure Track Assistant Professor Application (project title)” on the envelope in red ink.