Postdoctoral position is open at Dr. Yan Dong’s lab, Washington State University, Pullman, WA

The lab is seeking a talent to tackle the cellular and circuitry mechanisms underlying emotion and motivation. The applicant is expected to be highly motivated in pursuing fundamental questions with sophisticated experimental approaches. Technical skills, such as synapse electrophysiology and operant behaviors, or both would be extremely helpful. Additional trainings, such as viral‐mediated gene transfer, optogenetic manipulations of neuronal activities, and subcellular imaging, will be provided.

The Dong lab was established in 2006, with a primary focus on neuronal mechanisms underlying physiological and pathophysiolgical emotional and motivational responses. Two related research areas are depression, which is characterized in part as a lack of motivation, and sleep, which modulates the emotional and motivational state across most species.

These lines of research in the laboratory are currently carried out by several highly motivated young souls, who are equipped with a combination of molecular, cellular, electrophysiological, and behavioral expertise.

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