Project Assistant Professor Position at the Division of Behavioral Development, Department of System Neuroscience, National Institute for Physiological Sciences, National Institutes of Natural Sciences, Okazaki, Japan

National Institute for Physiological Sciences (NIPS), the National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS) invites applications for the position of Project Assistant Professor. Please recommend suitable candidates and disseminate this posting to those who wish to apply.

1. Position

Project Assistant Professor, up to 2 positions (depending on the evaluation of performance, applicants may be hired as a postdoctoral researcher)

2. Affiliation

Division of Behavioral Development, Department of System Neuroscience

3. Research field

The Division of Behavioral Development conducts systems neuroscience research using macaque monkeys with the aim of elucidating the neural mechanisms of social cognitive functions. In order to promote the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (S) “An experimental psychological study on brain representations of others’ actions during social interaction,” we are seeking researchers who can measure and analyze the behavior, body physiological parameters, and neural activities of two interacting monkeys under the structured task and free-ranging conditions. Experience in animal psychology research, systems neuroscience research, and intelligence informatics research including artificial intelligence is preferred, but not limited to, if the candidate is willing to engage in the above research.

4. Qualifications

Applicants should have a doctoral degree or equivalent research achievement.

5. Period of appointment

Contract is renewed every fiscal year, up to March 31, 2027.

6. Treatment

Salary will be determined based on the NINS’s payment standards, and according to career, ability, and other factors. Other conditions will be determined as stipulated by NINS.

7. Documents to be submitted

(1) Curriculum vitae (please use the attached designated format*)
(2) Summary of past research, reason for applying, and future aspirations (approximately 1,000 words)
(3) List of publications (Appendix 1*) [The list must include the names of all authors, titles of papers, journal names, volume number, page number (beginning and end pages), and year of publication. Original papers and review articles (including books) should be listed separately. Papers in press should be included, but papers under submission or in preparation should not.]
(4) Other reference materials (Appendix 2*)
(5) PDF files of not more than 3 main publications
(6) Letter of recommendation (at least one letter; please use the attached designated format*) (The letter can be sent separately by the recommender.)

*Please download the designated formats for (1), (3), (4), and (6) from the following URL:
*The above documents (1) to (6) should be prepared in PDF format. The documents (1) to (5) should be merged into a single PDF document.

8. Application deadline

Applications must be received by the Monday, July 4, 2022.

9. Date of appointment

As soon as possible after the successful applicant is determined.

10. Others

(1) Gender equality
1. NIPS complies with the Act on Equal Employment Opportunities and is committed to promoting gender equality.
2. NIPS gives hiring priority to female applicants when they are recognized as equivalent during performance evaluations.
3. Maternity, childcare, or nursing care leave is taken into consideration, if applicants clearly indicate the period of leave on their CV or other documents.

(2) Handling of personal information
Personal information pertaining to applications will be managed appropriately in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and related rules of NINS. It will be used only for the purpose of selection and employment.

11. Submission method, submission address, important notice, and contact information

(1) Submission method, submission address
(a) Applicants will indicate their intention to apply to the personnel section, Okazaki Administration Center, National Institutes of Natural Sciences (hereinafter referred to as “personnel section”).
— Applicants must send an e-mail to the Personnel Section (E-mail: stating their “name”, “affiliation”, “phone number” and “email address” to indicate their intention to apply.
(b) The personnel section will inform the applicant as to how to submit the electronic file of the application documents.
— If the recommendation form is submitted separately by the recommender, the personnel section will inform the recommender of the submission method, so please inform the personnel section of the recommender’s email address.

(2) Important notice
To protect personal information, do not send electronic files of the documents to be submitted by e-mail.

(3) Contacts for inquiries
(a) Regarding submission method, salary, and benefits
38 Nishigonaka Myodaiji, Okazaki, Aichi, 444-8585, Japan
The personnel section, Okazaki Administration Center, NINS
Phone: +81-564-55-7113
(b) Regarding research content
38 Nishigonaka Myodaiji, Okazaki, Aichi, 444-8585, Japan
Division of Behavioral Development, Department of System Neuroscience, NIPS, NINS
Professor Masaki Isoda
NIPS website: